SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
SEM is the main form of Internet Marketing which enables to promote websites by increasing their presence in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP’s). It occupies place in the top of the result pages through good payment and by attractive advertisement.There is a common confusion between SEO and SEM that both are same? But absolutely not. SEO differs a lot from SEM.The name itself reveals its nature SEO is a form of optimizing website pages to rank higher in search results by using specific keywords related to the website, while SEM involves various means of marketing a website in-order to regain its position within the first five websites of a search engine result page. SEO is a slower process compared to SEM. SEM has some Ad words which constitutes pay pattern per click. It is useful for the local vendors where it helps their local users to get connect with them through one click. SEM involves tons of work as it should be monitored continuously and updated.

Benefits of SEM
At recent times SEM is growing rapidly like a wild fire and for this rapidness it is preferred more over traditional advertising. Some of the few points why SEM is given more importance over other forms of marketing are
1. Quick Implementation
Optimization of a website may take months to create it effects but SEM may prove its magic immediately by setting up pay per click add campaign and grab visitors within hours
2. Higher Response
As the visitors are always in need of some products or service, the response rate is always high. A good quality of content always helps in converting the visitors to sales and further inquiries.
3. Keen Target
It is highly targeted as SEM is one of the best forms of direct marketing which enables a systematic process that can be focused on a perfect customer, by placing the business in front of the user when user is actively in search of a product or service.
4. Trustworthy
Any business concern may expect a positive return on investment and SEM has proved it now and then by topping all other forms of advertising.