What to do when Google is Ranking the wrong page for your keyword?

Every company’s goal is to achieve top rank for a particular keyword which they are targeting. Sometimes it happens in reverse order that companies will expect a page to rank top on search engines, but some other page will appear on the top. It’s strange to see that some other page is ranking on top for our target keywords instead of the expected page. We are focusing on a particular webpage to rank on top through a keyword-phrase, but Google wants to rank the other webpages for the same word phrase. This will leads to a high bounce rate and less conversion ratio.

We need to fix this issue to achieve our targeted webpage on top for particular keywords in various ways. Analyze the users thought in searching on the web, entering a word phrase in search engines. Some users enter the same keywords for the transaction, navigation, and conversion purposes. In such a case, search engines get confused and provide results based on their algorithms. Understanding the user’s intention is very important while targeting a keyword. If the user is searching for a product to purchase, it comes under the transaction. If the user is searching for some website, it comes under navigation. If the user is searching for reviews or comparisons, it comes under information. Based on these criteria, we need to change the focus on a particular keyword.

For example, if the focus keywords are the best smartphones. The user intent could be anything, either he wants to compare or purchase. Most of the sites listed on top are informational websites. So we need to change the target from this keyword if we are a product selling company.

Once after choosing the right keyword-phrase, we need to focus on the content. The content should be complete and answer all the user-related queries. Analyze the competitor’s semantic keywords and incorporate them into our site. Provide enough number of internal links on the website. There should be more webpages containing the links, that linking back to the page that we want to improve. Also, focus on external links, if we have external links pointing to the wrong site, will affect the indexing factor and increase the bounce rate. Links redirecting to the irrelevant webpage will reduce the time duration of a user staying on our website and lead to a very less conversion ratio.

To fix this issue, try to reduce the current webpage rank so that automatically our targeting page will be up. It’s a simultaneous process of improving the targeted webpage rank and degrading the page that current ranking for our search keyword-phrase. We understand that it’s against the process of SEO, but these hacks need to be done to ensure that the relevant page should be on top.

We can start the degrading process by removing all the traces of the keywords from the irrelevant webpage. Cross-check all the internal links, so that it should direct the correct page. Else, we can use the redirection techniques to bypass the current ranking page and direct towards our targeted webpage. We can create a new page and URL to solve the problem with external links because it can redirect to the page we wanted to rank. By using all these techniques, we can degrade a wrong page ranking for our targeted keywords, and simultaneously we can boost the targeted page. In this way, we can fix the issue and increase the conversion ratio.

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