What are the Website Bounce Rate Improvement Strategies?

Website Bounce Rate

The percentage of users who visit your website and leave within a short period without visiting any other pages of your site is termed as bounce rate. Let us say your website bounce rate is 70%, that means 70% of people who visit your page leave after viewing the loading page or first page without going for other pages. Most of the people who are looking for Business Growth mainly focus on improving their site traffic and tend to neglect the bounce rate. High bounce rate can negatively affect your site conversion rate. It indicates that you are unable to hold your visitors or may be that users visiting your site do not have high user experience. This can be due to several factors like slow loading, poor navigation, lack of appropriate content, poor design, bad usability and so on. Bounce rate helps to measure quality of traffic landing on your website.

Website Bounce Rate

Website bounce rate improvement strategies

Website bounce rate improvement is very crucial and it helps to improve conversions to your site. You can reduce your bounce rate by following few website bounce rate strategies like
Improve your loading speed- The first and most important is improving your site’s speed. Users may not be interested to stick to your site for more than two or three seconds, if your site takes more than this the users may head to other site. Hence speed up your site to retain your customers. Few seconds delay can affect your sales, page views and also user experience.
Improve your readability- After landing to your site or page, your content readability is what helps to hold your customers. Your users can leave your site due to poor content readability. Hence improve your content readability to raise user experience and to make them interested. You can improve your legibility by using sub headings, bullet points, questioning format, bold keywords and also by using charts, images and others.
Add more links to other pages within your site- Think in user perspective and link other pages that you think can attract users. With this you increase the chance of users to click to the next page.
Keep your content unique and fresh- Providing unique and proper content to your users makes them feel interested and revisit your site again. Providing fresh and accurate helps to reduce bounce rate by increasing average time on your site.
Focus on high value keywords- Use high value keywords to improve traffic and with accurate and fresh content you can retain the users. It is believed that keywords are most important and they can make or break your content marketing.
Don’t use pop up’s and ad’s- Avoid using irrelevant pop up’s and ads, this annoys users. Using pop up’s may distract users and increase your bounce rate.
Improve your Meta Descriptions- Attractive Meta Description is very important, as they reflect the web page’s content. Include highly accurate and detailed information in your Meta Description. Optimize your Meta Descriptions, it retains your users and reduce bounce rate.

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