Want Google’s Keyword Tools? You Must Have An AdWords Account

As you know, the Google Keyword Tool is being replaced by the Google Keyword Planner tool in the next month or so. Google is going to shut down the legacy Google Keyword Tool.

But what might be obvious to some but not all is that the Google Keyword Tool for external, non signed in users, is completely going away. To access any AdWords based keyword tool, you will need to sign up for an AdWords account.

Here is the warning Google is showing users:


Again, you won’t be able to use an AdWords Keyword tool without an AdWords account. This may upset some SEOs

Frederic Chanut shared on Google+ an interesting Google AdWords bug with the keyword tool.

Some are reporting that when you login to your AdWords account and click on the tools drop down and select the keyword tool, Google won’t take you to the keyword tool. Instead of Google taking you to the keyword tool, Google is taking you to the new keyword planner tool.

As you can imagine, this can be frustrating for advertisers and also scary. It might be a sign that Google may replace the keyword tool with the planner tool?

Here is a screen shot of the behavior:

Personally, logged in or out, the keyword tool works and does not redirect me to the planner tool.

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