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Google voice search

Voice search enables users to search the required content using voice command without texting or typing. Google introduced Google voice search which permits users to find the content on the mobile or computer by speaking. Google voice search facility searches the web by using power of speech recognition to find the required content in web. Voice search facility from Google has been outstandingly used by many people. Voice search facility is three times faster than text search. Voice search Google new facility is way much faster and easier than normal text search. It was primarily intended for mobile users making it easy to search without texting. Recently Google added 30 languages to the Google voice search facility and we can also add voice search emoji’s using voice typing. Google also added eight Indian languages to its voice search facility, they are Bengali, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil and Urdu. Google helped individuals to speak in their language and makes it easier to search. Voice search is also known as voice enabled search.

Google voice search

How people become more comfortable with Google products

With its several remarkable products Google is very helpful many people. In our daily life we will use several Google products and feel more easy and comfortable. Few incredible Google products and services which are very useful are

  • Gmail- one of the most useful and vastly used Google product, it has been launched in 2004 with superior features like unlimited email storage and also provides services in 54 languages.
  • Google search- it is the most useful product launched in 1997. Google search is vastly used by each and every one. Whatever the question is you’ll get an answer with Google search.
  • Google maps- it is launched in 2005 and very useful in exploring the unknown places and areas.
  • Google chrome- it is the most accepted and popular web browser with superior features.
  • You tube- it is one of the video sharing products vastly used by each and everyone from elders to children.

Few other products of Google are blogger, Google translate, Google Docs, Android, Google Alerts and many more. Google has become part of our daily lives with its incredible services and products. Several products of Google made our life easy and better. From studies to cooking, Google maps to Google alerts, from entertainment to news whatever the requirement is Google assists us.

Benefits of Google Voice Search

Google voice search helps users to search for anything through voice commands. Voice search Google new facility is the most advanced and very useful feature that saves time in our busy life and schedule by eliminating texting or typing. Instead of typing the long question we just need to speak to our Smartphone to get the required content. Google voice search is easy to use, saves time and energy. It provides very fast search results and can actually understand different accents. It is not only useful to search but also does certain functions like opening apps, sending mails, typing texts and many more.

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