Vague Job Description


There are many job scammers outside who can trick you to get over your heard earned money by offering a fake high paid jobs. One can stop themselves from becoming a victim to these job scams by knowing few warning signs.

Scammers/ Bogus company representatives usually try to make their emails believable by listing out few job requirements. However, they talk very less about the qualities they require in the candidate. Whereas, the genuine companies clearly mention about the list of skills they are expecting from the candidates. This exactly is what the scammers lack and these get clear when you carefully observe scammers job requirement announcements. If any applicant asks for job description clearly, they just ignore or divert it by saying the words like “don’t worry we’ll train you”.

Speaking the fact, whatever the candidate mention about his personal information in the CV is enough for genuine companies. If they ask for more personal details like Aadhaar number, Pan Card details, passport, bank account details and others, then you should consider it as a scam and avoid it.

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