The Importance of a Page Title in SEO

There is a huge Page Title Tag importance in SEO. Page title tag in SEO is like the title of your book for the demographics of your two most important types of readers, people as well as robots.

The audience need to know what they can expect to find in your page when they click the link. The robots or crawlers prioritize your page as well as its content through a ton of factors, with one very significant SEO ranking signal being the title tag.

Simply Defining Title Tags

Title tags are an HTML constituent found in the head section of the HTML code of your web page.  

Why are Title Tags Important?

What’s SEO page Title importance? Let’s find out…

Title tags in Search Engine Optimization are imperative because they let readers know what information will be present when a user clicks on page. They are fundamental for the search engines for the same reason, apart from they also function to determine the relevancy of the web page as a result in a search query.

Elements of a title tag

To make sure that your title tags are relevant to readers as well as the search engines, they should follow the below mentioned practices as well as guidelines.

Length – The length of the title tags should be between fifty to sixty characters. If your SEO Title Tag is longer than sixty characters, you risk the chance of it becoming cut off in the middle. If you are exceeding the length of your title tag then three dots will appear in the end that signifies the line continues. Also stay away from capital letters in your title tag as they will use up more character space than lower case letters will.


Keywords – keywords are perhaps more important than the length in your web page. Title tags can do magic for your SEO when optimized with the right keywords. Insert your most relevant keywords as well as desired keywords you want to rank in the title, but don’t overdo it.

Avoid using stop words – avoid using stop words such as A, And, But, So, On, Or, The, Was, With. Sometimes it might not seem possible to have a title tag without stop words, but if your diverse combinations of the same title, you can find them.

Use unique titles – Most of the web pages on your website are different so you should distinguish their differentiations with their titles. Avoid using generic titles like Home or profile to name your pages. Whether your title tags are for the search engines or else your buyer personas, the goal of having unique titles is to increase the click through rates and avoid any duplicate content misunderstandings between you as well as your search engines.

If you still using paginated content, then give each page a different title that is pertinent to what’s on each title. You can also shun this totally by using a canonical tag that points to the original page.

Use action Words – use action words such as Get, Take, Boost, Learn, Make, Go! It can help entice users to click through your web page.

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