SQL BI Developer Job Opening

  • Experience         : 2+ Years
  • Job Location      : Hyderabad
  • Job Type             : Full Time
  • Job Description :
  1. Should Have Hands on experience On Microsoft Technologies like SSRS,SSIS,T-SQL,Stored Procedures,CTE,Trigger,SQL Server Agent Jobs,DB indexing,Cursors,Temp tables,Table variables,Views,Indexed Views,Predefined functions and UserDefined functions.
  2. Should able to Design databases and ensuring their stability, reliability, and performance.
  3. Should able to Review and interpret ongoing business report requirements.
  4. Should Analyze existing SQL queries for performance improvements
  5. Should have ability to give solutions for business logic and understanding the complex logics.
  6. Should Have ability to design the work flows.
  7. Should have ability to handle clients.
  8. Knowledge on ole automatio,batch scripts and Db mailing.
  9. Knowledge on Query Execution Plan.
  10. Identify the performance bottle-necks in the report and resolve the same.
  11. Should have excellent understanding of MSBI Architecture.
  12. Advantage if had MSBI Certification.
  13. Should have experience on Report SnapShot,Cache,Scheduling Cache and Report Server.
  14. Should have experience in writing SSRS expressions.
  15. Should have ability to design the SSIS package from any source to any destination.
  16. Should have work experience on Agile Methodology.
  17. Knowledge on Power BI Desktop,Cloud and Service.
  18. Knowledge on Configuring Gateways and scheduling datasets.
  19. Knowlegde on Tabular SSAS,KPI and DAX.
  20. Should have experience on TCL.
  21. Knowldege on javascript and html.
  22. Should have experience on using Loops and Conditions.
  23. Should have experience on creating calucated columns and measures.

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