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The Process of how a SEO Friendly website should be remains a topic of discussion for long time now. Various Ideology, Various Concept, Various Techniques have somehow changed the methodology of Web Designing. Even though Experts suggest to have 100% SEO Friendly website, but the fact remains that no website is 100% SEO Friendly when designed. There are certain Errors, Certain points which need to work on by the SEO Experts.

The concept of a Search Engine Friendly website can be explained better when we relate it to Human Nature. Let’s consider a common psychology, every human being is comfortable with a person who he/she feels match their thoughts, their views and agree on certain terms laid by both individuals. Such term we human take as Best Friends. So, the concept is simple, Friends are those whose views, thoughts match.

The same things we opt for the Search Engine too. There are certain guidelines laid by Various Search Engines (Google in our Case), it considers those Websites that matches certain layouts and algorithm stated by Google and crawled by Bots, some of the methods to make your website Search Engine as well as User Friendly can be visualised as:

  • HTML 5 Code : No Flash, but a JScript website.
  • Header of the Website: To make it easier for the User and the Bots to search about your Services
  • Clientele/Testimonials: Generally for user purpose to let them know about the clients you have served in your Business
  • Inquiry Form: For User to make a Quick Enquiry right from your Home Page
  • Footer : Basically for the Bots to Scan and Crawl the Pages of your Site.
  • Keyword Rich Content : The Contents on your Website should somewhere relate to the keywords to be targeted.
  • Hx Tag : This tags is one of the beneficial mode to have a SEO Friendly website, and if there is keywords in the Tags, it acts like a cherry on the cake.
  • Social Media Optimization Links: These links helps the user to connect to your Social Links like Facebook, Twitter etc from your website and helps the Google to check that you are Socially Active too.

The above measures can make your Website not only easier for bots to crawl your website, but also, when it comes to having something User Friendly, this helps in a lot to make user scan your complete website and enquire about your offerings.

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