SEO benefits for Responsive Websites

Responsive Websites

Building a website that works well across multiple devices i.e. weather you access with a desktop browser or mobile browser is very crucial and became important in last few years. As most of the people are using smart phones and tablets for web browsing, designing a website that works effectively across different platforms has become very crucial and this type of web design is termed as responsive web design. This responsive web design (RWD) reformates your website accordingly to the device where they are viewed like smart phone, tablet and desktop computer. Google also takes usability and mobile friendliness as important factors in ranking websites. SEO (search engine optimization) is not just about key words or the content but usability is also very crucial when it comes to Google rankings. Using RWD provides some exclusive SEO benefits for desktop websites.
Here are few SEO benefits for responsive websites

Improves mobile search rankings

Google considers mobile friendliness as ranking signal. Using responsive web design and Mobile Friendly Website helps you to rank better in mobile search results as SEO benefits for mobile websites. It is important to build and maintain mobile friendliness as most of the people are using mobiles and tablets to search a web. When presenting the search results for a mobile phones, Google favours mobile optimized sites.

Responsive Websites

Minimises page load speed

Responsive web design minimises the time taken to load your web page on mobiles and other devices. Page load speed is very crucial as the visitors do not wait for your web site to load, they just leave your web site and search other sites. Google mainly focuses on user experience as key in ranking. Google considers page load speed and its effects on user experience on rankings your website. Google set the average mobile page load speed as over 7 seconds.

Minimises bounce rate

When users do not find enough quality content or user friendliness, they immediately bounce of your site. Google uses this bounce rate as user satisfaction. A responsive web design helps to keep the user engaged on site for longer time by providing superior user experience, which further decreases the bounce rate. An increase in the bounce rate will decrease you sites ranking in search results.

Improves link building

Link building is an important task and responsive web design improves your back link profile as you build link to only one domain i.e. in master site and it essence link to your mobile site also. Responsive web design helps you to build stronger back profile at the same time for both desktop and mobile domains.

Prevent duplicate content

Using one web site for all desktop, mobile and other versions helps to avoid creating duplicate contents. With the help of responsive web design you can use one website for all your versions like desktop, mobile and tablet and with one original content. Using duplicate content in your web site affects your rankings and you can avoid this by using responsive web design.
Along with the above SEO for responsive websites also provides other benefits like improving user experience, it is cost effective and also increases social sharing.

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