Mobile SEO Trends

Mobile SEO

Mobile usage has increased drastically and most of the people are opting for searching on their mobiles over desktops. Mobiles are the first thing people now a day’s look for updates when they wake up and also end their day with mobile. Due to which Google also benefits Mobile Friendly websites. In this scenario, most of the organisations are trying to build fully mobile friendly website to get competitive edge over their competitors, attract more users and also traffic. If a site isn’t mobile friendly, many people just leave your site and it affects your rankings and SEO optimization. Page loading time also plays a crucial role in mobile optimization. If your site is slow and not user friendly, users may not be interested in your site and leave out within no time. Mobile optimization or SEO through mobile is very beneficial for your organization and many of your users, it assist Google to boost additional ranking to your website from their SERP’s (search engine result page).

Mobile SEO Trends in 2018

Here are few mobile SEO trends, one should focus to improve your mobile SEO

Improve voice search

Voice search along with virtual assistants such as siri, cortana, Google home and others use is gradually increasing now a days. Number of voice search queries has increased and also are expected to increases day by day. This made voice search the strongest mobile SEO trend. Optimizing Voice Search also optimizes your mobile SEO.

Use Google’s new AMP

AMP (accelerated mobile pages) project improves your page load time and helps to improve your mobile SEO by making it user friendly. Slow loading negatively impacts your website and increases your sites bounce rate. AMP improves your ranking and CTRs (click through rates). As Google is focusing on AMPs most of the mobile users also focus on it for fast loading.

Reduce intrusive ads

Intrusive ads negatively affect user experience. Mobile users may not be interested to see intrusive ads between their searches. Using these unwanted ads also affects your sites ranking and users may also leave your site due to these disturbing ads. You can opt for banner ads and targeted offers instead, these so not cover your content or information and less likely to distract and irritate your users.

Improving content

Giving regular content may not be enough to get competitive edge. Plan your content marketing strategies, increase usage of long tail keywords and conversational passages within content. These strategies help you to provide dynamic quality content to your users. Mobile users can easily leave your site if there is no quality content and this increases your bounce rate and adversely affects your site.

Prepare for mobile search index

Using mobile search index improves your rankings and also visibility. The primary content or information of website should be kept available for the users. This gives a big advantage over your competitors.

With continuously changing SEO Techniques and Google’s algorithm, it is very crucial to be updated your sites and make it mobile friendly to reach more traffic.

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