Learn About “ASO” Tips That Can Help You In Benefiting From High Ranking

App Store optimization can indeed be considered as an overlooked opportunity as far as making a concerted effort to create growth and traction remain in question. It hardly comes as a surprising aspect that there are certain points of similarities between the traditional Search Optimization techniques and App Store optimization. However, you are supposed to understand that App Store is in the stage of its infancy as compared to the big search counterparts.

Importance of ASO

Most apps are found through an app store search this makes it the most used method to find and download new apps. By using ASO for increasing an app search ranking, you can latch onto the greatest discovery channel for your app. There are hundreds and thousands of apps available in all app stores, which are vying for rankings over one another. The astonishing reality is that most app publishers aren’t investing in the process, so anyone who wants their apps to be noticed can use the technique to improve their App Store Optimization, and meaningfully impact an app’s ranking and to ensure success.App Store Optimization

On Page Factors

There are certain on-page factors that can hold an impact on the app store. A few among the notable factors that hold an influence can be listed as below:

  • App Description
  • App Title
  • Keywords Data

The manner in which the keyword is used in the title can certainly hold a significant impact and is looked upon as one of the important signals. Appropriate use of app title can result in high click through rates and high ranking, as well. From an optimization point of view, you must ensure that appropriate number of keywords is used within the body of the application. The fact that keywords tag can get phased out is one of the reasons that the same proves to help the same to be accessible to mainstream audience, as well.

Off-Page Factors
There is a certain degree of difference between Google and Apple. The point of difference remains in the fact that Apple enjoys access to almost everything that falls under the scope of the application. There are a few signals that will let you dive into an ocean of comparison as highlighted below:
Usage Weights

  • CTR
  • Downloads
  • App Updates
  • Reviews
  • Discard Rates

The Usage Weights will let you know as to what is the usage frequency within the application. The CTR relates to the aspect of focusing on the click-through rate as far as high positioning remains under scrutiny. Downloads deals with the number of downloads that have taken place with the help of the application. If you are willing to go through the reviews, it will not be a difficult task so as to be able to determine as what is the extent of authenticity and authoritativeness, as well. The App Updates will let you know as to how fresh be the application. Also, the different types of features that are tagged along with the application and the optimization procedures that remain related with the Operating System releases.

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, some of the other types of signal that also holds its influence include; brand trust, app age, incoming links and brand trust, as well.

Progress Of App Store Optimization

Similar to search engines, you can also expect that App Store is transiting at its own pace. It is important to take into account the experience of all users, in order, to determine the failure and success of ranking. A few of the tips that can help you in ranking well in the App store can be as highlighted below:

  • Natural Keyword Incorporation
  • Opt For Traditional PR
  • Opt For Open Graph
  • Use Event Tracking

Also, you must offer heavy users the facility of reviewing the application. These steps will certainly help in benefiting from healthy ranking.

Tips to improve your ASO

To improve the ASO, you need focus on the title with the right keyword incorporation as a title having the right keyword can improve your app search ranking by 10.3%. You have to techniques of conversion optimization and push notifications. Try to publicize the app through social media channels and try to get good reviews from frequent users. Also, you need to inculcate common PR techniques like creating a great number of contents for your app to increase download rates, and more importantly design a great looking user-friendly app.
There are over 2 million mobile apps are available in the most popular app stores, and getting your app found is a big challenge that is facing with most of the mobile app publishers today. If you have an app in the mobile app world, it is necessary to recognize and implement the various methods of ASO for promoting your app in the app store search results of popular stores.

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