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With job search moving online recently, scammers are increasing rapidly and stealing your money. It has become difficult to say whether the job offer and the recruiter are genuine or fake. One can easily figure out the job offer they received is real or fake by doing some research.

The most important way to find out whether the offer is real or not is by checking the way how the job offer is sent to you.

All the companies usually send job offers from company registered emails. No company will send job offers from personal email. If you receive any job offer from any free email account with a domain such as, or then it is definitely sent from scammers and it should be avoided. Some experience scammers also create template emails which look similar to original companies, but may include some extras like hyphen (-), full stop (.), Comma (,), underscore (_) and so on. One needs to be very careful and check out all the small details to avoid becoming scammer’s target. If you get any doubt you can just copy paste the email and address into a search engine adding a word scam and check if anyone has complained it as a scam before.


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