Is the Job Offer Real or is it a Scam?


Job fraud cases in India are on rise sadly. Every now and then we read about these scam offers and how job seekers are becoming victims of the scammers. With a motive to bag money from the job seekers, scammers are tricking the candidates with fake job offers.

Shailu was studying B.Tech 3rd year and completed her internship. In order to prepare herself for campus placements and to get real- time job experience she thought of doing a part- time job. She registered her name and details in several job offering sites. Shockingly, her mailbox got filled with job offerings from famous companies and mailed her their contact numbers. When she called to a below mentioned number, they confirmed her about the job after a bit of conversation and getting her details and asked her to pay some amount for the verification process and to send her the cal letter and other documents. Later when she compared the amount they have demanded with the salary package she was offered, it felt like a little amount and she transferred the amount to their account. She did not receive any documents for days to months as mentioned by them, when she tried to contact them, they have switched off the number. It is then she realized that it was a scam.

This is just one example of how the job seekers are falling prey to the scammers. With terribly increasing job competition and competitors, it is becoming difficult to get the desired job. Due to this many people now a days are registering their resumes in job providing sites. The scammers are taking the advantage and making these job seekers their prey and receiving huge amount.

What the major companies are saying about job scams?

Scammers are posting fake job offers in the name of many big companies like IBM, Reliance, Tata, LIC, OLX, Flip Kart, Amazon, Emirates, BSNL, Air Asia and so on. Opposing this fake job offers and in order to bring awareness in the candidates, many companies are taking precautionary steps like

  • com is running #No More Job Fraudcampaign
  • com is spreading awareness on do’s and dont’s by sending frequent emails to the registered candidates.
  • LIC talking about the recent fake job offers in the organization’s name cleared that they will publish the job-related advertisements only in newspapers. It also stated that the same (which is posted in the newspapers) will be posted on their website.
  • The Tata Company has made it clear that they will not demand any amount of money during the recruitment process.
  • Dubai Emirates, Reliance, BSNL and other companies have also said that they will not collect any money from the job seekers during the recruitment process nor they will take the help of mediators for recruitment. They also stated that if the job seekers have any doubts regarding the recruitments, they should either visit their official website or should contact their company.

Companies ask for a guarantee, not for cash- Paruchuri Satheesh Chandra (Placement Officer, BVRIT)

Paruchuri Satheesh Chandra, Placement Officer at BVRIT in opposing the fake job offers said that job seekers should research a little about the company before applying and attending the interviews. For this type of research, you can refer to LinkedIn and Facebook websites and these are the best choice. If the applicants feel that they are not certain about the job offer, they can clear it by directly contacting to the number mentioned in the official website of the company and enquire about the person who sent you mail or called you.

Scammers create the company numbers and email addresses with a slight change to that of the real company ones. These are the ones which mislead the candidates and make them believe that the job offers came from the real companies. If any company is asking money for the recruitment process, then candidates should recognize that it came from the scammers. Many applicants now a days are seeking for jobs in smaller companies to gain experience and are changing to the big companies after gaining experience. This is a loss to the smaller companies, hence they ask for a guarantee to keep the candidates for a few years. These companies do not ask for money directly, instead, they take in the form of DD or check. Most importantly no company completes the interview process on phone. If any company require a large number of employees, they may take the help of consultancies. These consultancies conduct primary selections on phone but do not select or finalize the candidates on behalf of the company. If anyone is selecting or confirming your recruitment, then it should be considered as a scam.

Signs of Fake Job Advertisements

Below are few signs through which one can easily analyze and avoid the job scams

  • Confirmation of job through call
  • Job offers sent from personal email
  • Vague job description
  • Asking to provide confidential information
  • Package is too good to be true
  • Interview process
  • Asking to transfer money

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