Interview Process

If you are a job seeker, it is very crucial to have knowledge about the fraud job offers, as there exists plenty of scammers waiting to steal your money. It is important to be cautious, to protect yourself from such fraudulent job offers. If you receive a fantastic job offer and if the recruiter asks you to attend a telephonic interview, be very cautious, as no reputed companies select candidates with just a telephonic interview. It is a fact that many companies conduct telephonic interviews in the first round to shortlist the candidates and those who qualify the first round will be called for the next rounds. Those rounds will have face to face interactions. But if the scammers say that you are selected only after the telephonic interview then it may be a spam. This is because, you cannot just impress the interviewer only with your resume and some telephonic conversations right.

In some cases, scammers may also call you for face to face interviews to make you believe that they are genuine. This type of interviews can be risky and unethical. Hence do not attend to a meeting without confirming whether the company is real or fake. Google provides the list of many popular companies and it is better to do a research and then attend the meeting after confirming it as real.

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