Importance of content optimization and steps to optimize the content before publishing

We all very well know the importance of content in SEO and how we can ensure business growth with search engine optimization. Now, what is this content optimization, why is that one needed to optimize the content and steps on how one can optimize their content you may ask? Here are the answers to all your queries.

  • What is this content optimization and why you need to optimize the content?

Content optimization in simple words is a process of making your website content and pages more attractive to the search engines. As we all know content holds a key role in SEO and content optimization is like icing on the cake. When people search for something on Google, the search engines will show the most relevant content. If your content is optimized or if search engines can find your content, then you will be shown in the top search results. Thus you can increase your search engine rankings and increase your blog traffic.

  • Steps to optimize the content

Below are a few steps which one need to consider to compose a fully optimized content.

  • Give a captivating title- Writing a captivating title to your post is the most important element. Your title should disclose what’s inside your post and at the same time should be able to grab the attention of the readers. Your title will play a major role in getting organic traffic from search engines.
  • Use Headings properly- Headings are the most important part of Good SEO, but are always overlooked by most of the bloggers. Headings are simply the tags which create an outline and add structure to your content.
  • Focussing on Keywords and quality links- Both keywords and inserting quality links are like keys to your SEO. You can even use keyword phrases in your title and headings. Unfortunately, most of the people try to dump keywords and links into their content even though they do not fit in the flow of the content. This is a big mistake and by doing this you are increasing your chance of getting penalized by the Google. So before composing your content, know about your target audience and gather suitable keywords and quality links for your content.
  • Pay attention to the length of your post- Do you know Google prefers longer articles, but it doesn’t mean you have to just stuff your content with some irrelevant stuff or other optimization elements. By doing this you lose your readers attention.
  • Localize your content / use location specific phrases- if you own a local company or your targeted audience are limited to a locality, then it is always recommended to include location based targeted keywords in your content. You can even use these location specific keywords in your titles and notice an improvement in your local SEO.
  • Add social sharing buttons- Adding social sharing options plays an important role when it comes to content optimization. If your readers get interesting findings, they may wish to share them and hence your content should have social sharing options. By doing this you can generate more traffic, get more links and eventually increase your SERPs.
  • Give comments section- You can connect with your readers through comments. Hence whenever you receive any comments for your posts do not leave them without responding. By responding to your comments you can make Google understand that you value your readers and also can retain readers by showing them that you really care about their opinion or doubts.

Follow these simple yet most effective guidelines for optimizing your content, improve your rankings and gain more organic traffic.

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