How will Google’s Latest Update Affect Your Website?

How will Google’s Latest Update Affect Your Website?

Google being famous for its frequent algorithm updates, it becomes very difficult for the Website owners to be updated with these changes. Most of the times, these updates have a great impact on website traffic, ranking and revenue. Hence being updated and improving SEO moves to match every change Google makes has become very important these days.
Google, in order to provide a safer online environment for its Website visitors, updates its Chrome web browser. With this update, the visitors can be quickly notified, if they have landed on a website which is not secure. This update can have a great adverse impact on your business, if you do not secure your Website.
As we all know, Google only prioritizes which encrypts their data and puts those sites in top of the search engine results. That clearly states that, if your site is not secure, it also affects your search engine results. Moreover, even the customers will be less confident and do not wish to do business or do transactions with a website which is not secure.Today, let us in detail discuss on how to make sure your website is secure and avoid negative impacts of Google updates.

How do Google updates affect your website?

After the release of Google’s updated web browser chrome 68, users are now able to understand whether the site they are visiting is secure or not secure. If that particular site is not secure, the customers might even refrain themselves from entering any information or doing any transactions or even signing up for the email list. Another warning sign which shows your site is secure or not is the SSL “HTTPS” present at your URL with data encryption. Not secure website SSL looks like “HTTP”.
If your site is not secure, your site will be somewhere lower in the search result page which further affects your traffic and revenue.

Secure your website with an SSL certificate

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, by getting an SSL certificate a website can build an encrypted link between the web server and a web browser. A web server is simply severe to which any company connects itself to make their website online and a web browser on other hand is a what the customers use to connect to their required web pages. An SSL certificate provides your customers the trust and confidence on your site, that the information they provide is safe and the information or services they receive in return are trustworthy and not tampered.
Importance of SSL Certificate Encryption

Without an SSL certification, the data of both the website and the customers can be at risk and more vulnerable to attacks. An SSL certificate protects a website by
• Authenticating- Confirms that the customers are communicating with your server and not to any fraud.
• Retains data integrity- Restricts others from modifying the data or communication between you and your customers and also prevents inserting unwanted contents into your blog posts.
• Encrypts data- It protects the data between you and your customers by keeping it private.
• Boosts SEO ranking- Google prioritizes the websites which have SSL certification. Hence you can notice little improvement in your rankings.
A simple SSL certificate without encryption can’t perform tasks like
• Malware detection and removal
• Detection of website security vulnerabilities and their removal
• Handling search engine rankings and reputation
• Providing web application firewall
• Safeguard website against DDos attack

Make the internet a safer place by encrypting your website traffic
You can provide a safer internet for your customers by encrypting your website. Build trust in your customers and grow your business by SSL certificate encryption. Ensure your customers that they are doing business online with a secure website and not with an imposter with this encrypted SSL certificate.

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