How to improve blogs for Better SEO Results

improve blogs for SEO

As we all know blog for SEO is very vital and Search engine optimization is very crucial for every website and blogs. Optimization makes your website more visible to people and targeted audience. The tactics and strategies you used in the past to improve your organic traffic and improve SEO may work contrary and decline your results now. With constantly changing Google ranking algorithms, it becomes difficult to reach or maximize your SEO results. Most of the people try and focus mostly on keywords to boost their rankings, but SEO results with blogs is not just about keywords anymore, it is about creativity, back links and several others along with keywords. With changing algorithms of Google, there’s a need to get updated to generate organic traffic.

SEO optimization for blogs

Tips to improve your blogs SEO

With increasing competition, if you want to increase your rankings and be visible to the people, it is crucial to follow few rules, as using irrelevant links, over usage of keywords and others may negatively affect your blog. you can improve your SEO blogs results by following few tactics like

Create a long tail keyword

Including content related long tail keyword enhances your organic keyword. Stuffing keywords into blogs may adversely affect your blog, but using a long tail keyword which covers the main topic of your content can actually benefit your site. Try and include important key words in the title of your web page. Use 1 to 2 long tail keywords, you can include them in title, URL’s, Meta descriptions and also in the headers or body.

Create affective URL structures

Creating effective URL’s for your pages make it easy for people to know about the structure of your content and web site. Make your URL relevant and short, to make your visitors understand easily. These URL structures acts as assortments for your readers and helps them to understand quickly what’s inside your content. Google search engine gives priority to those web pages which are user friendly. User friendly URL’s helps to improve your web pages SEO results.

Target audience with each post

Select most suitable and value based topic to reach the visitors. Writing a article on a specific topic and including related keywords increases organic traffic by capturing particular audience and also improves your SEO. You can also use topic tags in your content, but remember not to overuse them.

Update and modify the content of your blog

To improve your SEO, you need to update your content constantly. You can even modify your current posts by adding internal links and images. By modifying and updating fresh and unique content you can actually alter your rankings and reach targeted readers.

Include related images and videos

Using videos and images with alt text or alt tags is also one among the strategies to raise your SEO rankings. Blogs doesn’t mean only content, you can represent your content and topic using images and videos. These helps to improve your user experience also.

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