How Google Search Engine Works & What are the Algorithms?

Google search engines made our work very easy, whatever may be the query we type, the Google Search Engine provides us relevant information from millions of WebPages within no time. Did you any time think about how does Google search Engine works? Here is how it works

Google search engine through Crawling and Indexing

The process of searching and gathering information starts before we search i.e. through crawling and indexing. Beginning with, the related information is gathered from several of websites and sorted in the search index by the web crawlers. This process mainly starts with list of web addresses. These web addresses are obtained from past crawls and the site maps which are provided by related website owners. These web crawlers search from link to link and provide data about the WebPages to Google servers. This information is collected and set as an index based on certain keywords. When we search the query, the Google Search Engine lists the WebPages which has the same key words. These keywords play a crucial role Google search. Including keywords in headings also plays crucial role in searching. Using keywords in headings and smaller headings is very important as they play key role in search engine. The webpage with maximum number of keywords is treated as most suitable and is displayed in the top searches. Among these web pages, the high speed loading web page is given priority by Google search engine.

Google Algorithm

What are the Algorithms?

As we discussed before Google search rank, the several WebPages based on concept like keyword repetition i.e. highest number of keywords used in a web page. Along with keywords, other WebPages that are linked to the current web page also plays a crucial role in ranking the web pages. Among these highest keyword containing WebPages, top ranking is given based on the series of algorithms. These set of series helps to provide the related information to the users. Here are few ways on how Google search engines uses Google Algorithms to gather useful information from the web and provide us

Analyzing the searched words (In this stage Google try to understand about the query)
Matching the search words (n this Google matches keywords which we type with the WebPages and also where they are there in the web Pages like in the title or heading or in the body)
Ranking web pages (In this the WebPages are ranked based on the unique content, no of times the keyword are repeated and also user experience)

Considering context (In this stage several factors like your location, search history and search settings are considered to provide relevant information based on your location or country)
Providing the most suitable results (In this stage the Google Search Results are evaluated and based on the ranks and other tests, the most suitable information is provided to the end user)

In order to be in the top place of Google Search it is important to provide unique and apt information in the web pages. Google provides us the required information by filtering several web pages with the relevant content and the top web pages with unique and quality content are provided for the users.

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