Google Voice Search Impact on SEO

Google Voice Search

Usage of Google voice search is increasing rapidly, as it is fast and convenient. Most of the smart phone users are performing voice search using the apps like Siri, Google now and Cortana and enjoying the fast and accurate results. People may make mistakes when it comes to typing and also may not be able to type what they need perfectly as the way they speak. The usage ratio of voice search is increasing rapidly than type search. Voice search is particularly based on speech recognition technologies and it allows users to search a query by saying it and not by typing it. Just like the usage of smart phones, voice search is also growing at a rapid phase.

It is believed that both voice and image searches will contribute 50% of all searches by 2020, hence it is important for web sites to adapt these changes as the voice search SEO impact the results.

Google Voice Search

Tips to optimize voice search

Here are few tips which help to optimize your web content for Google voice search like

Focus on micro moments – By considering several micro moments you can definitely optimize your voice search. Few common micro moments like I Want to know, I want to go, I want to do and also I want to buy are used by online users to search query and every marketer should beware of.

Adding FAQ page – In order to address questions and searches of your audience, one should add FAQ page to their website. Online searches can be classified into three types like navigational, informational and also transactional. By focusing on queries like what, where, when, why and also how in the above search types, you can provide accurate and timely results to the users who use voice search app.

Focus on long tail keywords – People use natural phrases to search a query in voice search and hence there is a need to incorporate long tail keywords to optimize the website. People no longer uses and type short keywords for their search.

Optimize your websites micro data – It is said that huge number of voice searches falls around navigational search types. Hence it is important include locations, local attractions, store details and also phone numbers to your web content.

Update Google’s Hummingbird – This update helps to understand the whole voice search query instead of focusing on particular words in the query. This helps to provide accurate results for the search.

Optimize natural speech patterns and language – Most of the people use specific and informal language to ask and search for a query. Hence optimize the usage of speech patterns.

Improve loading speed of your website – Website’s speed is very crucial for Google SEO results. It is very important for a website to provide accurate and quick results to the users. Loading speed of your website helps to improve traffic and to retain the users. You can improve the results of Google SEO with voice search option. You can also perform page load test to check the speed of your website.

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