Google Page Rank Down

Page rank of Google has decreased 1 point from out of 10. Before it was continuing 10 out of 10, but now it has decreased to 9.

Why it happened?

In the spring of this year, Bob Massa recalls reading a forum thread where a post estimated how much links from pages rated highly by the Google Toolbar’s “PageRank” meter might be worth. Some webmasters might be willing to pay a lot for such links, given their belief that this would help their own pages rank better in Google.

Massa was intrigued., a search engine that he’s operated for many years, had a PR7 rating for its home page. Links from a PR8 page were estimated to be worth $250,000 he recalls, a price he figured was crazy. However, a more sane price was probably well higher than what he sold links for. More details……..


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