What is a Content Management System?

Content Management System

Before creating a website for any business whether small or big or portfolio, we mostly hear the term CMS (Content Management System). This is because CMS is the most important part of creating any Responsive websites and also for its success. In this article, let us in detail learn about CMS.

Content Management System

Why Content Management System?

CMS (Content Management System) is a software application that facilitates creating, editing and publishing digital content. CMS covers each and every procedure of pages on your site i.e. starting from providing tools to create the content for your site to managing and archiving the content. This is mainly utilized to manage the content of web pages and also used for ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and WCM (Web Content Management). ECM is a technology used to manage content and documents related to an organization, whereas WCM or WCMs is a programme that manages content on a web page. Both ECM and WCM consist of two components called content management application (CMA) and content delivery application (CDA). In most of the cases, in a collaborative environment, content management system also supports multiple users. Every CMS has few important features like easy administration, suitable and great publishing tools, built in SEO tools, social media integration and so on.

Importance of CMS for SEO

CMS for SEO is very crucial and plays an important role in creating and managing most impressive content. An organization or site can improve their SEO with CMS as it has a direct impact on your sites performance and SEO ranking. Contrarily, a bad CMS can also ruin your SEO and hence choose most suitable and SEO friendly CMS is very crucial. As there are different types of CMS’s available nowadays, one should always look for most suitable CMS which has important features like easy to use or user-friendly interface, intelligent searching capability and so on. Along with above CMS features, an organization should also know their specifications before choosing a CMS like their organization’s size, the number of people who use this software, does your CMS require Multilanguage support and so on.

Different CMS Platforms

Several numbers of CMS’s for both free and subscriptions based are available nowadays like Joomla, WordPress, Open Text, Sharepoint and so on. Among the above CMS’s Joomla and Word Press are the most commonly used content management systems. Joomla is among the free and open source CMS built on an MVC framework for publishing web content. Joomla CMS is mainly written in PHP format and provide attributes like caching, blogs, RSS feed and so on. WordPress is again a free and open source CMS and is based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress CMS can be installed on local computers as its own web server or can be utilized as a part of an internet hosting service. Word Press allows users to have control over the design and display of your content even though you do not own any technical knowledge. Both Joomla and WordPress can use themes to alter the look of your site and are also easily found on the internet.

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