Confirmation of Job through Call

Finding a good job with a good pay has become very difficult these days. This is what the major agenda of scammers, they prey and attract many job seekers by offering a good job with a good pay. One can best defend themselves by doing some research. If you receive any email confirming about your job, you should first check its authenticity. One can confirm it by checking ‘mailed by’ and ‘signed by’ options on top of the mail. If it is truly related to any recruitment platforms or companies then they will even give you complete information about the job. Instead of receiving a mail, if you receive a call from the representatives of the company, then you can ask them to send an official mail with detailed information. If the emails are not professionally written or contain capitalization errors, punctuation errors or grammatical errors, then you can confirm it to be a scam and avoid it.

If there is no valid information about the job in the email you receive, then it is a fake offer sent by scammers. Candidates applying should also check the logo or letter formats in the company site very carefully. This is mainly because there may be slight changes in the colour of the logo or characters in the fake website when compared to that of the official one. Be noticed.

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