Asking to Transfer Money

The main agenda of the job scammers is to extract money from the job seekers. Many scammers provide you a fraud job offer with a real good pay and demand some amount from you to cover few so called fake expenses like insurance, travel expenses and medical tests. Always remember an important rule, if any job providers are asking you to pay any amount before in advance, it should be considered as spam. Remember, no company expects money from the candidates, instead, they pay the candidates for their work. Few companies also take responsibility for the travel expenses of their workers. Be alert with the calls from company recruiters asking to deposit some amount or asking about confidential personal information, as they can be scammers in the name of recruiters. Research about the company before providing any information or transferring any money to protect yourself from being scammed and do not lose your heard earned money to any fraud. Most importantly never ever agree to transfer money to someone else, as it can be a criminal offense called money laundering.

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