7 Simple Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic For Free

7 Simple Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic For Free

Everybody who owns a blog wants to get more and more website traffic. If there is no website traffic or no one is visiting your blog then what is the point of having a blog and sharing your thoughts or other objectives like selling products or services what so ever it is?

Website Traffic is very important to say for monetary reasons or other publicity reasons and it basically works as a lifeline to your blog or website. Many people opt for getting paid website traffic, though it is easy, monetarily it doesn’t go very well in long run. Moreover one should always try to get blog traffic for free than the paid one.

So, here comes the question how can you get more traffic to your blog or site? Below I have listed out few tips which help in increasing free organic traffic to your site.

  • Publish high quality content- As always said content is the king, quality content attracts more organic traffic. Contents or the information which bring value to the customers and focus on solving problems are given high priority. Most importantly do not forget to include keywords in your content using which the search engines improve its visibility by placing it on top. Before composing content do some keyword research and make sure it solves the user’s questions. Craft good title to your content, insert some images and videos to make your content visually attractive, it further compliments your blog and also validates your findings. Make it a habit to publish quality content frequently on regular basis.
  • SEO (search engine optimization) – SEO is like a key to your blog or website’s success. Though there are a lot of SEO strategies, if practiced correctly, they help in getting free organic traffic from Google and other search engines and also get more conversions. In order to get SEO results, you need to improve your blog or site’s page loading time and most importantly optimize your site or blog for mobile devices. As we all know Google regularly updates its search engine algorithms, hence you need to be updated and be on top of to make sure you get most of it.
  • Giveinterlinking- If you want to retain your visitors on your site for a longer time and make them read more articles on your blog, interlinking is the best option. You can add quality interlinks from one article to other related articles in this way you can give more information to the reader, control your bounce rate and also get more organic traffic.
  • Opt for guest blogging- Guest blogging is a standard way to increase your blog’s organic traffic. There are two ways of guest blogging, i.e. in one case you can write articles or guest posts for other related blogs and coming to the second case, you can allow guest bloggers to write for your blog or site. Both the ways work wonderfully. By writing guest blogs you can get more visibility to your blog and when you allow other guests to write for your blog, then they will share your blog information within their network and it obviously increases traffic and visibility of your blog.
  • Be active in community activities- Another best way to get organic traffic to your blog is by actively contributing to the community activities like answering questions in forums or Q&A portals like Quora. In this way, you can share your knowledge with readers and draw them to your blog.
  • Give social sharing button- When visitors like your posts, they wish to share it in their circle. In this case, you need to provide them the social sharing button which allows your readers to share your articles. In this way, your article can get famous and shared in different social networks which attract more traffic to your respective blog.
  • Try to get more subscribers- Try to convert your visitors to subscribers and how will you do that? Simple by providing quality information. When your readers get attracted by your articles, they wish to subscribe to your blog so that they will get email notifications about your new articles.

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