5 potent reasons that prove why you should go for Responsive design

With the rapid increase in the usage of smartphones and tabs to access the internet, the demand for websites that fit well across various platforms has also been increased. Since the evolution of mobiles apps is skyrocketing, you need to consider several factors while creating a website such as development and maintenance costs, online visibility, and better conversion rates.

So, in order to address all these concerns, a unified approach termed as the Responsive web design was introduced. Today, responsive web design has become a central feature of the novel web design landscape. Responsive design has rolled out as a key feature that keeps you ahead of the race. However, there are many evident reasons that prove why responsive design has created waves in the industry.

Responsive design

Responsive design- what actually it is?
Responsive design is a web design and development technique that makes a site react according to the user’s screen size. In other words, it is defined as the process of WebPages adjusting themselves with respect to the device on which the page has been displayed. This sort of adjustment will lead to convenient and responsive web page, thus, enhancing the overall experience of the user. Nowadays, Responsive design has rolled out as the hot trend in the web design industry.

Top 5 benefits of a responsive design

The following are the key benefits of Responsive design:


Enhance your online visibility
With responsive design, one can manage a single website with a specific set of hypertext links, thus, minimizing the time spent to maintain the site. It enables you to concentrate on the link outreach with a centralized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Running SEO campaigns proves costly, but with the responsive design it is very easy to maintain a single site.


Boost your rankings
When the responsive design is used while creating the websites, Google will show off your page quickly when searched on a mobile device. It will mostly happen when users perform local searches on the mobiles. In the case of separate mobile websites, they consists of different URL and HTML to their desktop, but in the case of responsive design there will be only one URL and specific set of pages, thus making it easy for Google to index and crawl the content.

Interactive web pages give better user experience
With the rapid proliferation of mobile applications, most people are using smartphones to access the internet. So, the responsive design will be more interactive and leaves a positive experience to the mobile users. It will certainly help to minimize the bounce rate and enhance the reachability rate.

Surges sales and conversion rates

The responsive design gives a user the better experience since there is no need for redirection. Usage of standardized Style Sheets (CSS) for various devices gives users a consistent look and feel. It will help you to boost your sales and conversion rates as it is very easy for people to navigate through the site across various platforms.


Easy tracking and analyzing
In the case of Responsive design, there is no need to track user navigations, conversion paths, redirections and funnels between your websites. Google analytic tools are optimized to handle various devices and responsive reporting. All the tracking can be done in a single report, making it easy for tracking as well as analyzing.


On a whole, we can define as responsive design helps us to be at par with the current trend and makes your web site more impressive. Going responsive is the best way to leverage the power of smartphone era and offers visitors a rich experience.

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