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Sunlight IT 360 Degree Digital Marketing is a complete package of marketing strategies consists of all kinds of online, internet, and digital marketing techniques to meet the present trend. Business people’s and Entrepreneur’s current target plan is the online business. Every business person wants to expand its business globally. To introduce themselves across the world and provide services globally, they don’t have any other option other than Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is a vast area to cover and divided into various sectors, and also to implement the plan of action to reach the targetted audience. Business people, Entrepreneurs, Company Owner’s and CEO’s are in search of firms who can provide 360 Degree Digital Marketing service.

Sunlight IT is one such top-level organization that can provide 360 Degree Digital Marketing services in Hyderabad. Sunlight IT’s plan of action is different business to business. We implement our unique strategies to achieve more success. We always understand the company’s business from the Client’s point of view and the Customer’s point of view. Then we will prepare a strategy accordingly as follows:

  1. We need to analyze which digital channels our targetted customers are using, and which digital channels we need to use to promote our ads.
  2. Where do our targetted audiences spend more time online and how we can utilize their interesting platform to present our ads.
  3. In which mode our targetted audience shows their interest to spend time and in which more we need to develop our add. Some of the examples to attract the audience through different modes are Video, Audio, Images, Text, etc.
  4. How the customers are moving to a particular website and how we can drag them to visit our company’s website.
  5. How the customers are viewing the website and how we can attract them to increase our sales.

According to our latest infographics, we make you understand 360 Degree Digital Marketing more easily through different Digital Marketing elements listed as follows:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  2. PPC (Pay Per Click)
  3. Customer communication
  4. Outbound email campaign
  5. Inbound lead nurturing
  6. Social publishing
  7. Content Marketing
  8. Website

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

The process of optimizing the website to rank better on the search engine results page. SEO is one of the unpaid techniques used to make our website listed on top of SERP. SEO process has two sides, On-Page Optimization, and Off-Page Optimization. On-page optimization is completely working on our website to achieve the hit ratio, whereas Off-page optimization is completely working outside our website to achieve online traffic.

PPC (Pay Per Click):

The process of promoting our website ads on the search engine results page. This technique comes under the paid process. PPC is one of the best ways to gain more online traffic.

Customer Communication:

Customer Communication is a chain of process and one of the most prominent phases in any business. Creating a product and selling the product is a part of the business and customer communication occupies the other part. Achieving a milestone is a part of success, staying connected and sustaining for the long term is another part.

Outbound Email Campaign:

Email marketing is an immediate and two-way communication process. Still, email marketing helps small businesses to analyze, reach, and stay in touch with the targetted audience.

Inbound Lead Nurturing:

Inbound lead nurturing is all about re-generating the leads from our satisfied customers. Happy and satisfied existing customers are the live promoters for our company. High chances of lead generation through them convert to sales.

Social Publishing:

Publishing our ads through social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., helps us to reach the targetted audience. Social Publishing is also known as Social Media Marketing and comes under the paid area. High chances of hitting the target audience and better conversion ratio.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing deals with the content of a website. Proper content with complete information helps a visitor to stay longer on our website. This technique is used to promote our company through blogs, articles, forums, etc.


The website is a virtual process to represent our company digitally. A website should contain complete information, attractive design, and easy accessibility. A website always holds the visitor’s attention. A website helps us to reach customers globally in a faster way.

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